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Crown Paints rolls out Eco-friendly Zero VOC products to meet market demands

IMAGE-1Leading paint manufacturer, Crown Paints has rolled out a range of Zero VOC paints as its strategy to increase its market share through innovation of products that meet the ever increasing demand in the East African region.

“We have been doing intensive research on manufacturing of eco-friendly paints locally and are pleased to announce that we have been successful. The introduction of Zero VOC paints is proof of our commitment to offer the highest quality, innovative products and superior value to our customers in the region. It also reflects our mission to ensure that our products meet and exceed health and safety norms,” noted Rakesh Rao the firm’s chief executive officer.

 VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are solids and liquids found in ordinary paints that convert easily to gas or vapour at room temperature which, when exposed to the environment and humans, can have harmful effects. As a result of recent global research, Zero VOCs paints are being developed to offer the same high standard of paint without the potentially unsafe chemical components, whilst improving air quality and reducing polluted emissions.

 Rao further added “we have been manufacturing low VOC paint ranges for some time but after years of research, we are the first company in the region to manufacture and offer Zero VOC paints. Opting for zero VOC paints will help create more environmentally friendly and healthier interior and exterior spaces after paint work.”

 The Crown Paints Zero VOC paints contain special colourants sourced from Lorama, Canada which qualify the zero VOCs requirements as per the highest global standard, which is ASTM D6886 (ASTM – American Standards & Testing Methods). The finished product ranges are tested in an accredited analytical laboratory, TUV Singapore, for zero VOCs contents as per the British Standard (BS) Method – BS EN ISO 11890-2:2006

 These paints have a non threatening environmental impact due to their high bio-degradability and are also ideal for people who are particularly sensitive to paint fumes. They have no toxic emissions and are a value addition to the product range with no price increase. They are odourless, making them perfect for schools, hospitals and of course, homes.

 “With the demand for architectural paint growing rapidly due to the robust construction industry worldwide, many government agencies are now enforcing Zero VOC paint production in their countries and we are delighted to be the first to do so in this region”, added Rao.

 The paint manufacturer is known for its high quality, value based products and services. Listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, it operates through an extensive network of dealers and showrooms in all major cities and towns in Kenya. Recently, the company opened its second production facility in Kisumu County as part of its expansion and development strategy to serve the growing demand for its products.

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